Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday 5 - Anniversary plans

It is Friday and it's been a long week with a busy weekend ahead.  But I'm taking a quick break this morning to link up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney for the Friday Five.  This is a great link up with a bunch of fun bloggers so please check it out!

This week's theme is a Free Friday so we're all writing about whatever is on our mind.  And since the Rock and Roll DC half is so close, that is definitely on my mind!  But in addition to that, Mike and I have our 11th anniversary of dating coming up the weekend after the race.  So I think I'll take today to talk about 5 things we're planning for our anniversary.

 One of our engagement photos

1.  Food - Mike loves to bake and so he's going to take this as an excuse to taste his baking skills and make me some treats.  The plan is currently homemade pop-tarts for breakfast and a lemon cake for a post-dinner dessert.  I'm also trying to decide on some special dinner recipes to make.  Mike reads the blog so I'm going to keep my thoughts on this secret for now but I'll share some recipes and photos later.

2. Movies - When Mike and I started dating, he lived in Atlanta and I lived in DC.  So it was long distance for about a year.  And the first time he came to DC, one of the things we did was go on a date to see a Miyazaki movie in Bethesda.  And it turns out that the Landmark theater is currently having a Miyazaki film fest.  So we're going back to the movies in Bethesda again for our anniversary to see Princess Mononoke, another Miyazaki film.

 Image result for Princess mononoke

Here's part of the description from the theater website.  "Based on Japanese folklore, Princess Mononoke is a landmark of animation and a film of unsurpassed power and beauty. An epic story of conflict between humans, gods, and nature by Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle), the film has been universally acclaimed by critics and broke the box office record on its original release in Japan."

 3.  Running - Training doesn't necessarily stop for special occasions.  I have another half planned in early April so I'm still planning on a long run of 10 miles the weekend after RnR DC. The April race is apparently on a crushed gravel trail so I'm going to practice on similar surface for this long run.

Scenery from a previous time I did a training run on the crushed gravel trail

4. Massages - Since this is the weekend after a half and I'm planning on a 10 miler, Mike suggested we go get massages as part of the anniversary weekend.  He definitely didn't have to twist my arm on that one!

5.  Re-connecting - And of course, the best part of any anniversary celebration is just spending time together.  We decided to avoid any big, elaborate plans in favor of having some quiet time to spend at home over the weekend and just enjoy being being together and reconnecting. 

So those are some of our anniversary plans.  Of course, I have a race to get through between now and then!  Last long run tomorrow and then tapering for a couple weeks.  I'd love to hear about any big plans you have coming up!