Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Smoothie experiments

I didn't have a lot of healthy snacks around the house last week for some reason and there were a couple days I was feeling a bit peckish after dinner.  I also had some veggies that needed to be used up.  So I decided to experiment with smoothie bowls since that was something I'd been seeing a lot online.

Experiment 1 - Spinach, banana, frozen peach and almond milk.

This one was sadly not that successful.  I topped it with granola, extra peaches and some chocolate chips.  But it pretty much just tasted like banana with a weird, herb-y, bitter after taste.  It was also not quite as thick as it should have been.

At least it was pretty.

Experiment 2 - Cabbage, banana, frozen peaches, frozen cherries and almond milk

This one turned out delicious!  I had learned some lessons from my first try.  I only used half a banana instead of a whole one.  It's too easy for the banana taste to overpower otherwise.  The frozen cherries helped because it's a stronger flavored fruit.  I think the peaches by themselves got lost in my first attempt.  And the cabbage has a milder flavor than the spinach so it was easier to cover up.  I also added a bit of vanilla extract and cinnamon to boost the flavor.  As far as the almond milk, I just added a little bit.  It was too thick but I was able to add a bit more until it was at the right consistency.  You can always add in more liquid but you can't take it out.

Just topped with a sprinkling of chocolate chips as I wasn't as hungry this day.

I have to admit that I was skeptical about vegetables in smoothies but I'm glad I tried it and learned that it can be delicious!  Both versions helped me use up some veggies I had in the refrigerator that may have gone bad otherwise and helped me get in some extra healthy veggies.  Mike tried the first one and wasn't a fan but even he really enjoyed the second one.