Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Recent running purchases

This week ended up being the week for a bunch of running packages at my house, and that was super exciting!  First, Fabletics was having an amazing sale a couple weeks ago so I bought a bunch of stuff from them.  I tried out one of the outfits when I went to body pump yesterday and loved it.  I love the pattern on the leggings and the bright color of the top.

In addition, I got another top and a sports bra.  I'm excited to try them out as well.

Then, Mike had signed me up for the runner gift exchange on Reddit again.  The person I was buying for didn't provide a lot of direction (unlike the person I had last year) but he seemed to be a new runner so I got him a hand held water bottle (hydration is important!) and a foam rolling set.  I got my gift yesterday and it is an adorable Disney themed running tank!

And my last running purchase of the week, new running shoes!  Amazon sent me an email about a sale on Saucony Guides so it was perfect timing.  I was trying to strike a balance since the ones I really liked aesthetically were the most expensive but the ones that were the cheapest I didn't like at all.  So here are the ones I ended up deciding on.

I'm excited to give them a try on my run tomorrow!

So that's it for now.  Have you had any fun running purchases recently?