Monday, October 31, 2016

Race 13.1 Baltimore training week 9

The Another week of training in the books!  Since my knee held up well with the tail run last weekend, I cautiously added more activity in for this week.  And it went well :). So here's the summary.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - yoga for runners and strength training at home with squats, crunches, clamshells, glute bridges, calf raises and planks.

 Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - 40 minutes at the gym.  I lost about 7 minutes because my wedding ring fell off, I had to get off the machine to find it, and the machine reset.

Friday - my knee was being a bit cranky so I decided to go for a walk instead of a run.  My phone died before I made it back but I think it was only an additional .2 mile at the end.

Saturday - long run of 11 miles with a 1 mile cool down walk. Technically there was 12 miles on my training plan but my last long run was only 9 miles with. 1.5 mile walk at the end due to my knee.  So I didn't want to increase too much.

I felt great on this run!  Miles 1-6 were on a paved section of the trail and 7-11 were on a dirt/gravel section.  My knee hurt a little bit at miles 4 and 5, I think because of the uphill, but it was fine the rest of the time.  In fact, I was thinking about how good I was feeling somewhere between mile 8 and 9 when I tipped on a rock and fell flat on my face!  Thankfully just some scrapes and a bruised knee.  But I dusted off and finished the run feeling good for the most part.  And the splits make sense with the elevation changes and the slowest mile was where I had my spill.

Sunday - yoga for runners and strength training in the evening.  Plus spectating at the Marine Corps Marathon in the morning followed by a yummy brunch.

So that was my week, and it went well for the most part.  I'm planning to get back to regular activity this week though we also have a work conference on Thursday and Friday so that may be a bit tough.  I'm going to make those my rest days and try to get in more activity at the beginning of the week. 

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