Monday, November 7, 2016

Race 13.1 Baltimore training week 10

This week did not go well on the working out front.  It is what it is.  There were just a bunch of little things that came up that prevented me from getting it done.  None of them were huge on their own but together, they resulted in me not getting things done.  Oh well, here is what did happen last week.

We had a work conference that took over a bit as we prepared for it all week.  The conference itself was Thursday and Friday.  Part of Thursday's activities was going to Mt. Vernon for a tour.  It ended up being a beautiful day and I really enjoyed Mt. Vernon.

Sunday was my only day working out this week.  I met up with friends for a run in the morning.  None of us had gotten in any runs during the week so we all struggled a bit.  I don't know why but this 7-8 miles felt tougher than my 11-12 miles last week!  But it was a beautiful trail we were on and we even got a glimpse of some deer while we were out there.

Another fun activity on Sunday is that we met up again after getting cleaned up from our run.  We included our husbands this time and went to check out a distillery in Frederick, Maryland.  It was really cool to see how the distillery process works and taste some of the offerings.  We ended up buying a bottle of the peppermint vodka and the citrus vodka to take home as they were both delicious!

So that's my week.Not much but work but hopefully this week will be better.  It's finally race week!  I leave for Vegas on Friday so hopefully the week goes by quickly :)

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