Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Radical Self Care

I am making a commitment to myself to re-engage in self care.  There is plenty of unkindness in the world but none of it needs to come from myself.  This includes taking care of myself, mind and body.

I am making a commitment to not eat out so much because I know both my mind and body feel healthier when I eat fresh, balanced, whole foods.  And I know my wallet feels better when I eat at home more.

Or at least choose healthy options when I do eat out

I am making a commitment to continue engaging in physical activities I enjoy.  Yoga and running are both healing for my mind and body.  But I will not judge myself during these activities and will instead concentrate on how I feel.  I will give myself permission to indulge in these activities in ways that make me feel good.

And taking more time to be out in nature and on the trails while running

I am making a commitment not to over-indulge in alcohol.  I have to remember that I always feel worse afterward.  And there will be bonus benefit to my wallet here as well.

I am making a commitment to re-introduce meditation into my routine.  And I am giving myself permission to say no as needed.  If I need to stay home to engage in all these behaviors, I am going to give myself the freedom to do just that and be gentle with myself.

And more kitty cuddles are always good for my well being!

And lastly, I am making a commitment to get involved in my community again. It has been a while since I've volunteered anywhere other than at races.  I need to give back in a way that reminds me the world is a larger place with lots of good in it.