Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Riley's Rumble 8k 2017

So this past weekend I did the Riley's Rumble 8k again.  I had done this race for the first time last year and really enjoyed it.  8k seems like a great Summer race distance for me.  Riley's Rumble is actually a half marathon and last year was the first time they added an 8k option.  The race is put on by the Montgomery County Road Runners and is free for members.  I love their low key races because not only are they free, they're almost always really well organized as well!

The race is known for "the three H's" which are heat, humidity and hills.  We got lucky with the heat and humidity this year and it was cooler than normal.  People were even in long sleeves at the start!  But the sun definitely came out toward the later half of the race and there was some heat then. The half marathon had a 15 minute per mile limit and since the 8k was on the same course, it had the same amount of time.


The course was essentially an out and back with a loop at the beginning.  And it was along a country road that wasn't closed but there wasn't much traffic on it on a Sunday morning.  There was probably more traffic for the back of the pack runners doing the half marathon though.  And it certainly lived up to the promise of hills!

As far as my race, it went ok.  I was running late that morning and a bit flustered.  I was rushing to get from the parking to the start line and forgot my garmin in the car.  But I was able to turn runkeeper on so I do have some data at least.  And I remembered my sunglasses and  my water, which were the most important things!

But the race itself was great!  The logistics were really easy.  There is plenty of parking at the race start.  They also had volunteers directing the parking so it was really easy to tell where to go.  There was one water stop, a bit before mile 3, but we were able to hit it on the way out as well as back.  And the race is on a pretty country road with pretty scenery.

One of the friends I run with is usually faster than me but wasn't feeling well race morning so she stayed with me for most of the race, which made it definitely seem to go by faster.  She dropped back a bit around mile 4 but caught up at the end and we had a fast finish trying to beat each other!

It was fun finishing together too because all of the people hanging out by the finish line were hooting and hollering for us as we tried to beat each other :)  My goal was to try to finish in 70 minutes and it was more like 71 but I'm good with that given the hills and my current fitness levels.


The finish line had the usual bananas and bagels, but also fresh watermelon.  It tastes like the best thing ever after a hot race!  They also had massages available which was a nice touch.


And that was the race!  I would definitely recommend this one for a Summer race for anyone in the area, especially now that they have an 8k option in addition to the half marathon.