Sunday, October 8, 2017

WDW Marathon Training - Week 5

I had a pretty good week and I hope all of you did as well :)  This week felt pretty routine, which I was happy about after all the recent travel.  And on the training front, this was scheduled to be a bit of a cut back week with 2 rest days and no speed work given the army 10 miler.  Which I ended up deciding not to do.  But here are the details. 

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Strength training

Wednesday - 30 minute easy run before work.

Thursday - I moved my rest day from Saturday to Thursday since this ended up being a hard day at work and I was exhausted.

Friday - 45 minute easy run before work.

 Saturday - 45 easy run in the morning.

We also went to the expo for the Army 10 miler to pick up bibs and then had a delicious brunch with a friend who had moved out of town earlier this year but was back for a visit.

Sunday - 10 miles on the treadmill. 

I was supposed to do the Army 10 miler but decided not to do it at the last minute.  I had initially signed up because two of my friends were planning on doing it but they both ended up backing out a couple weeks ago for various reasons.  And when I checked the forecast Saturday night, there was a risk of thunderstorms.  As my main goal is training for the marathon, I didn't want to risk the race getting shortened or cancelled and not being able to get in my assigned 10 miles.  It turns out that the thunder storms didn't materialize but it looks like the race did get shortened a mile for the back of the pack (which I would probably have been in) for heat/humidity.

We also spent some time checking out the Halloween store to get some decor for our house.  There were some pretty creepy things available!  We did not go with these but couldn't resist trying on some of the masks.

Here's Coach Laura's plan for this upcoming week.

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - 45 minute easy run
Wednesday - strength training
Thursday - 40 minute moderate run
Friday - strength training + flying to Ohio
Saturday - 60 minute easy run
Sunday - Columbus half marathon + 1 mile warm up for 14 miles total

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