Monday, October 30, 2017

WDW Marathon Training - Week 8

Last week seemed to fly by!  The weekend definitely did.  And here we are back at work again.  But before starting the work week, I wanted to go ahead and update you on my training for the week.  It went ok.  I ended up skipping a run and the rest was kind of heavily shifted toward the end of the week, but I was happy with the way the workouts I did ended up going.

Monday - rest day with recovery yoga

Tuesday - Strength training

Wednesday - Unplanned rest day - I skipped my run this day with a bit of foot pain :(

Thursday - 45 minute progression run with 30 minutes easy and 15 minutes at a harder pace.

Friday - Unplanned rest day - I didn't get my strength training in but moved it to Sunday

Saturday - 15 mile long run!

I did not recover as well as I did last weekend.  I felt tired and sore and a bit head-achey the rest of the day and ended up skipping a Halloween party we had planned to go to.

Sunday - 60 minute easy run.  My back still hurt a bit but it actually felt better after the easy run.  My right knee and my left achilles were a bit sore after the run but they felt better after some icing.

I also did some foam rolling and a pilates video from you tube in the evening to make up for the strength training I skipped on Friday. I definitely feel the pilates in my core today!

So that was my week :)  Here's Coach Laura's plan for this upcoming week.

Monday - rest day with recovery yoga
Tuesday - 4 mile easy run
Wednesday - strength training
Thursday - 55 minutes to include 25 minutes speed work
Friday - strength training 
Saturday - 60 minute easy run
Sunday - 16 mile long run

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