Monday, November 6, 2017

WDW Marathon Training Week 9

It was a bit of a mixed week on the training front.  On the plus side, I got all my workouts in.  But on the negative side, this was the first time I didn't hit the mileage I was supposed to for my long run.  But here are the details.

Monday - Rest day with recovery yoga

Tuesday - 4 mile easy run after work, and this took me to my first 100 mile month ever!  That was an exciting milestone :)

Wednesday - strength training

Thursday - Speed work with a 15 minute warm up, and then 5 intervals of 3 minutes speed/2 minutes recovery.  I was also supposed to do a 15 minute cool down but only got in a 5 minute cool down since I was running a little late.

Friday - 30 minute pilates video from You Tube

Saturday - 60 minute easy run in the morning including breaking in new shoes.

I also got a sports massage today.  Mike had bought me a Groupon for the massage and it was amazing.  The woman seemed to be able to work magic and any pains I had before were pretty much gone afterward.

Sunday - 11.5 miles.  This was supposed to be 16 miles but it just didn't work out that day.  I'll talk more about this run later but I think the rain and slippery conditions just took a toll and we weren't able to get it done with those conditions.  I'm hoping that this doesn't derail things too much.

After the run, Mike made brunch for my friend and me.  It was a delicious cheesy egg scramble with tater tots that I totally forgot to take a photo of.  And he had also recorded the NYC marathon coverage for me so I was able to watch it afterward while cuddling on the couch with Perry.  I almost cried when Shalane won, it was so emotional!  I'm glad I was able to watch it.

And after some errands, we went out to the Melting Pot for dinner with friends.  This was another deal through Groupon.  The food was amazing but there was so much of it!  I thought I might have to be rolled out of there.

So that was my week :)  I hope you all had a great week as well! 

Here's Coach Laura's plan for this upcoming week.

Monday - 4 mile easy run
Tuesday - strength training
Wednesday - 4 mile progressive run
Thursday - rest day
Friday - Rest day with flying to LA and Avengers Half Marathon expo
Saturday - 10k!
Sunday - Half Marathon!

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