Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekly Review

Well, I had my first sessions running since the Richmond Half Marathon three weeks ago.  And it only went ok :( I was really excited to run again but it was harder than I thought it would be.  I didn't think taking a couple weeks off would make that much of a difference.  But there may be several contributing factors.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday- rest day

Wednesday - orientation run with MCRRC training group.  This run did not go well.  It was less than three miles and I took it really slow so it should have been a breeze.  But it felt really tough for some reason.  I think part of it was that the run wasn't at the track as most of our Wednesday runs will be.  It was in a neighborhood where we were running on the sidewalks.  There were too many of us for this so it was super congested.  In addition to that, it was dark and the sidewalks were very uneven.  Lastly, the cold weather was making it hard on my lungs.  But there was another woman who seemed to be struggling at a similar pace so we finished up together.  Neither of us really knew where we were going but I had my phone if we got really lost.  And we had a rough idea where the start/end point was so we did make it back to rejoin the group as they were stretching. I needed my inhaler after the run, and my ice pack since my knee hurt and my foot hurt :(

Thursday - My knee didn't hurt at all today but my foot still had some pain. However, it seemed mostly back to normal by the evening so I did some DDP yoga with Mike and an abs video afterward.

Friday - rest day

Saturday - Jillian Michaels yoga in the morning and walking around DC showing my mother-in-law some sites in the afternoon

Sunday - Jingle All the Way 5k - I had initially planned to try to PR on this race but after hurting my foot, I decided to take it easy and run with the friends who were doing the race with me.  I felt good with no foot or knee pain afterward! I'll do a review of the race later this week.

The plan for this week is to continue getting back to the running and keep up with the yoga.  Monday will be a rest day, yoga on Tuesday, track work with the group on Wednesday, running on my own Thursday, rest day Friday, yoga Saturday and an 8k race Sunday.

I hope everyone has a great week ahead of them!

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