Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly review

My work outs started slow last week as I was having some weird back pain.  It started out as excruciating on Monday but improved to just mildly irritating on Wednesday.  I'm not sure why this happened.  It was in the sort of shoulder blade area, maybe due to the weights last week since I had been ignoring upper body before that?

Monday - rest day
Tuesday- rest day
Wednesday - rest day to make sure my back was ok
Thursday - elliptical after work

Friday - Jillian Michael's yoga workout.  I hadn't done this in a couple weeks and it really kicked my butt!

Saturday - Capital for a Day 5k with a warm up run of about a mile before the race.  Again, I forgot to turn the Garmin back on until 3-4 minutes into the race so the Garmin data was incomplete.  

But according to the official results, this was a 5k PR for me! I finished the 5k in 36:53 which is an average pace of 11:52 per mile. My 5k PR before this from March was 37:44.

Sunday - Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  I meant to go to barre class but got the time wrong :( Thankfully the studio was understanding and didn't apply the no-show penalty. So I went home and did the Jillian Michael's workout.  It's amazing how much of a workout she manages to squeeze into 20 minutes!

We're still doing the step challenge at work, it was week 2 of the 4 week challenge.  I met my goal of 70,000 steps for the week in spite of the back issues during the early part of the week.

I hope you all had a great week!