Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly review

Well, I'm a day late with my weekly review and there isn't much to report.  But here it is.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - elliptical for about 45 minutes

Wednesday and Thursday - rest days

Friday and Saturday - hiking around while camping.  I have no photos because Mike and I both decided to unplug for the weekend.  We turned off the phones and locked them up in the car for the weekend.  It was actually pretty refreshing to not have to worry about any electronics all weekend.

Sunday - rest day.  Sadly, we left the camp ground early.  We had planned to stay until Monday but I got sick.  I'm not sure if my allergies were acting up or I was actually sick.

I'm a little better but still have a sore throat and a hard time talking :( And I've gone through almost a whole box of tissues already. I hope the rest of the week goes better because I would like to actually get back to my work out routine at some point.