Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Heart Rate Training week 6

I'm a bit late with this week's weekly review.  I've been trying to treat our staycation as a real vacation so I haven't been on social media much that past several days.  I'm hoping to catch up with reading blogs this week though.  In the meantime, here is my summary for last week.

Monday - rest day with 20 minute walk in the evening

Tuesday - Strength training


Wednesday - Easy run before work


Thursday - Interval run at the gym after work


Friday - 78 minutes of dancing.  I meant to do some strength training today but was sore so decided to take it as a rest day.  But we went to the silent disco in the evening and the music was amazing!  According to Fitbit, I had 78 minutes straight of dancing with an average heart rate of 125.


Saturday - Unplanned rest day since I was sore again from the dancing.  We went to a small science fiction convention in Virginia since it was their first year and we wanted to be supportive.  It was small and low cost and we had a great time.


Sunday - Threshold run with 20 minutes in zone 2, 20 minutes in zone 4 and 20 minutes in zone 2.  I had a hard time getting my heart rate back to zone 2 at the end so just tried to run that portion at an easy feel even though my heart rate was a bit high.


So that was my week!  I only got in 3 runs but did get an additional cardio activity in with the dancing so I'm happy with that.  And I only got in 1 strength training work out and need to try to get back to 2 per week.  So here are my plans for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Easy run
Wednesday - Strength training
Thursday - Interval run at the gym after work
Friday - Strength training
Saturday - Threshold run
Sunday - Long run with friends