Monday, August 28, 2017

Heart Rate Training Week 13

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  My week didn't exactly go to plan.  Long story short, my foot still hurts and I'm not sure what the issue is.  Hopefully it will go away with another day of rest but here are the details of the week:

Monday - rest day with a 20 minute walk

Tuesday - 20 minute walk and strength training


Wednesday- Morning run before work


Thursday - Unplanned rest day with a 30 minute walk in the evening.  Sadly, I think this may have been when I hurt my foot since it started hurting Friday morning.

Friday - Speed work in the morning before work.  It was 4/1 intervals.


We also went out dancing again at the last silent disco of the year.  The DJs weren't as good as past years but we still had a lot of fun.


Saturday- I tried out a new barre class.  It was ok.  I got a great workout for my core and legs but it wasn't as high energy as past barre classes I've been to.

Sunday - I was planning to meet friends for a 2 hour run.  But when we started, there was an immediate sharp pain in my foot :(  So I decided to just walk.  At some point in mile 2, the foot wasn't hurting and I could walk normally so I ran a bit in mile 2 and was able to add even more running in mile 3.  But I decided to just keep it to 1 hour instead of 2 hours.


I was glad I got out there though since it was such a beautiful morning!


So that was my week.   The foot still hurts (it's the front and outside of the ankle).  It's fine most of the time but there's pain when I move it wrong, i.e. tilt it up or to the side.  My work shoes have a slight heel and it actually helps since it keeps my foot tilted down.  I'm hoping more rest today will help.  But I hope everyone else had a good week!  I'm linking up with HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin (and guest host Finding Fabulous at Fifty) for the Weekly Wrap.