Monday, January 29, 2018

Weekly Review

I hope everyone had a great week!  My week ended up being pretty busy with work and some of that spilled into the weekend a bit.  But here are the details.

Monday - rest day with a 20 minute post-lunch walk at work

Tuesday - 15 minute warm up on the elliptical plus Body Pump Express.  This is a 45 minute class instead of the full 60 minutes and that usually means they'll skip stuff.  Today, they tried to combine some moves.  Biceps and triceps worked well together but they also did lunges and shoulders together and I could tell I was off balance the whole time.  I paid for this later in the week.

Wednesday and Thursday - rest days.  My right knee (the one that gave me problems during the marathon) was super sore.  It wasn't normal post-body pump soreness.  It was a specific spot on the top, inside of the knee and there was swelling in the area.  So to be on the safe side, I rested these two days.  I also did a lot of icing.  But then my husband commented Thursday evening that maybe I should try the heating pad!  It felt so good and I actually think it really helped.  I guess ice shouldn't always be the go to.

We tried out a new produce delivery box and did a lot of food prep for healthy eating

Friday - the swelling had gone down so I went for my first run post marathon!  It was just an easy three mile run but it felt good for the most part.  I had gotten a flu shot Friday morning though and I was surprised by how much my arm hurt.  There was a throbbing with every step.

Saturday - Rest day with 2 mile walk.  I wanted to make sure the swelling in my knee didn't come back so I added in this extra rest day.

Sunday - Strength training - I was planning to go to body pump but my arm still hurt from the flu shot so I just did lower body strength training on my own at home.  Squats, glute bridges, planks, crunches, clamshells, side leg raises, calf raises and lunges.

So that was my week.  We also had a lot of friends over on Saturday to hang out and watch movies so the week involved some cleaning, and cooking to prepare for entertaining on Saturday.  We ended up having a great time but it was nice to not have too much on Sunday's schedule so we could rest as well.  This is my last week before I'm in training again!

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