Monday, February 19, 2018

Nat'l Women's Half Training - Week 2

Well, training didn't go so well this week.  I keep experiencing some pain in the top of my foot and a bit of swelling.  It seems to be Extensor Tendonitis just based on googling.  It seems to describe exactly the symptoms I have.  But here's the whole story for the week.

Monday and Tuesday - both rest days since I had post-work meetings.  I thought I'd be able to make the one run up later in the week.

Wednesday - strength training plus a 1 mile walk

Thursday - Speedwork.  This was a tempo run with a 10 minute warm up, 10 minute tempo interval, 5 minute recover, 10 minute interval, 15 minute cool down.  I thought this went well.  The second tempo interval was slower than the first but the second was mostly uphill and the first was mostly downhill.

Friday - body pump with a 1 mile warm up on the elliptical.

Saturday - Rest day - This is when I first noticed the swelling so I took another rest day.

Sunday - Went out for my long run of 7 miles but the sidewalks were still icy and slippery so made it an easy 3 miles instead.

I thought I could do the 7 miles on Monday since it was a holiday.  But my foot was swollen and painful again Monday morning!  According to the internet, this type of pain can be from overuse or too tight shoes.  It's exacerbated by uphills and can also be a sign that shoes need to be replaced.  I generally replace my running shoes in March and had already ordered a new pair which arrived today.  So I'm going to ice and rest for today and maybe tomorrow too.  We'll see once the pain is completely gone and then I'll try running again.

I did do my PT exercises Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  And no knee pain this week so that helps.

So that means I'm not sure what this coming week will look like.  But here's the plan for this week from Coach Laura and we'll see when my foot feels better.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - strength training
Wednesday - 3 miles easy after work
Thursday - Speed work after work
Friday - Body Pump lunchtime class
Saturday - 3 miles easy
Sunday - 8 miles

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