Monday, May 21, 2018

Weekly Review

I'm a little late with my Weekly Review but I'm here!  It was a busy week last week but I managed to get in all my planned workouts, just shifted them around a little.  And there was some business travel in there too but thankfully the travel all went smoothly.  Here are the details of the week.

Monday - strength training at home (I've got to start using my app again so I can remember and track what I do)

Tuesday - Easy run before work

Wednesday - Rest day and traveling to Dallas

View from my hotel room

Thursday - Rest day but I got in more than 10,000 steps given all the running from one meeting to another.  And of course, everything seemed to be on the opposite ends of the hotel.

Friday  - Easy run in the morning before flying back home.

Saturday - Strength training at home

Sunday - 4 mile run (It was supposed to be 5 looking back but I had forgotten, and since I'm not really training for anything at the moment I'm not too worried about meeting that arbitrary number)

So that was my week.  Here's the tentative plan for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Morning easy run
Wednesday - Body pump
Thursday - Speed work on the treadmill
Friday -  Morning easy run
Saturday - Body Pump
Sunday - Morning easy run
Monday - 4 mile local race with 1 mile warm up

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