Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekly Review

I'm back!  Sorry, I've been gone for about two weeks but it was a bit of a busy time with a conference the week of June 11th and then leaving for a week long vacation on June 16th.  But I'm back home now and had a great time in California.  I'll share details of the trip later this week, though those of you that follow me on Instagram got a taste of it already.

But for now, here are my workouts for the past week or so.  San Francisco was a lot cooler than the DC area and it was great running weather while I was there.

Friday - 3 mile easy run

Saturday - Rest day - travel day so most of the day was on a plane, but we did get in a walk to explore the neighborhood we were staying in once we got to San Francisco.

Sunday - 4 mile run with a lot of it by the water.

Monday - Rest day, again with lots of walking to explore the city.

Tuesday - Yoga in the hotel room in the morning and more walking to explore the city.

Wednesday - 2 mile easy run (ended up closer to 3 miles but the GPS was off and I'm not sure)

Thursday - 2.5 miles with a little bit of speed work, plus a virtual 5k with my dad later in the morning.

Friday - some easy hiking in a petrified wood forest.

Saturday - 2 mile run on the treadmill at the hotel before flying home

Sunday - 3 mile morning run at home.

So those were my workouts while I was in California.  We had a great time but I'm happy to be back home too.  This week is going to be a little complicated again as I've got some evening meetings but here's the plan for now.

Monday - Rest day plus meeting in the evening
Tuesday - Morning easy run with a meeting in the evening
Wednesday - Body pump
Thursday - Treadmill run with speed work after work
Friday -  Body Pump
 Saturday - 3 mile easy run
Sunday - 5 miles

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