Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekly Review

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  It's time for another weekly review of my work outs.  There was a lot of rain last week so most of my workouts were indoors.  We also had some scheduling complications so they were a bit shorter than usual.  But I figured getting something in was better than nothing :)

Monday - Rest Day

Tuesday - Rest Day

Wednesday - Elliptical for a bit more than 30 minutes

Thursday - Elliptical again for a bit less than 30 minutes


Friday - Strength training

Saturday - Fit Foodie 5k with friends.  This was a really fun event and I'll do a full review later this week.

Sunday - I really enjoyed the So You Think You Can Dance workout DVD last week so I did it again, the Cha Cha with Dimitri this time :)

This is going to be another interesting week time wise.  I am traveling for work today and will get back late Tuesday night.  My plan is to wake up early and get in a run on the hotel treadmill Tuesday morning. Wednesday and Thursday are at home so I'll get in one run and one cross training day.  Friday we're leaving for a camping trip for a long weekend.  I may try to get in a run while we're out there but if not, we'll still have plenty of hiking!