Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Running Year in Review

It is already the end of 2015 and the year has flown by!  I did a year in review post last year and I thought I'd go ahead and do something similar for 2015.

259.93 miles logged with Garmin.  This is much less than last year where I had close to 500.  I think that's because I did a lot of time on the treadmill this year when I wimped out of running outside due to weather.  I've got to get back to running outside for most of my runs and I've also got to remember to log those treadmill miles.

I need to remind myself of views like this to get outside

16 races - This met my goal of at least 15 races in 2015.  7 5k's, 1 5k obstacle race, 3 8k's, 3 10k's, 1 half marathon, 1 supposed to be a half marathon but 6.7 miler.

Eastern County 8k

3 virtual races - 2 5k's and 1 10kwith the Nerd Herd trilogy

2 volunteer experiences at races - registration at the Piece of Cake race and handing out medals at the Parks Half Marathon

I enjoyed handing out these beauties at the Parks Half Marathon

PR's - Semper Fi 5k 35:16, Eastern County 8k 1:02:14, Marine Corps 10k 1:14:40, Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon 2:56:55.  This last one was a PR by only 30 seconds or so but I'm still counting it!

Post Marine Corps 10k

So that's my year in running.  I had a great year with lots of fun and hope to continue the same for next year :)