Sunday, September 3, 2017

Heart Rate Training week 14

My week went by super quick.  I was not around much in blog world due to lots of stuff at work plus a quick work trip in the middle of the week.  But to be honest, I was also resting my foot pretty much all week.  I hardly worked out at all but I think that was the right move.  My foot is almost back to normal.  Just in time for marathon training to start!

Monday through Thursday were all rest days.  Tuesday, I flew to Cleveland for work.  I had a harrowing Lyft drive to the airport so I relaxed a bit once I got to the airport.


My parents don't live too far from Cleveland so they also drove up and I had dinner with them and some family friends that evening.  I presented my material during the day Wednesday and then I flew back home Wednesday evening.  Another fun thing this week was my husband signed my up for the Reddit runner gift exchange and my gifts came in.  I love the Disney shirt and I'm sure I'll need the shot blocks during training.  I'm saving the decal for after I finish the race to not jinx myself.


Friday my foot was beginning to feel ok so I tried some strength training.


Saturday I met up with friends for a run.  We were thinking about doing 2 hours and we started out in the rain but then it started pouring so we cut it off at one hour.  We went back to my friend's house and did an online yoga video to make up the rest of the hour.  The good news is that my foot didn't hurt at all during the running, but it ended up hurting during some of the yoga poses that involved turning my foot sideways, so I tried to avoid those.


I had thought about trying another run Sunday but instead I decided to take it easy on my foot and do a fitstar routine for more strength training.


So that was my week.  It kind of bummed me out not to be able to run when we had some beautiful weather that was cooler and lower humidity.  I didn't even put in any extra walking or anything on my rest days. But I really do think it was the best thing for my foot. Here's the plan for this week according to Coach Laura.

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - east run
Wednesday - strength training
Thursday - speed work
Friday - easy run
Saturday - strength training
Sunday - 7 to 8 mile long run

I hope everyone else had a good week!  I'm linking up withHoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin (and guest host Pretty Lil Mudder) for the Weekly Wrap.