Friday, December 22, 2017

Friday Five - 2017 Goals

2017 has flown by and it's almost the end of the year!  I can't believe how fast it happened and it seems like January was just a couple weeks ago.  It's also time for the Friday Five 2.0 link up with Running on Happy & Fairytales and Fitness. I figured this was a good time to do an update on my 2017 goals.

1. Train for a marathon - Yes!  This one was my main goal for the year and it's pretty much done.  I had my 20 mile training run last weekend and I'm tapering now.  The race is the first weekend in January and I hope it goes well but it's really the training that feels like the main accomplishment.

Picture from my 20 miler and a partially frozen stream we crossed a bridge over

2. Two new types of workouts - Done. There was a deal on Class Pass earlier in the year and that allowed me to try out some new things.  I tried out a class at Zengo Cycle, which I really enjoyed.  I tried out yoga and barre at a new studio.  I had done yoga and barre before at other studios though.  And I started doing pilates with free you tube videos. 

3.  Try a challenge race - Done!  I had a lot of fun at the Infinity Gauntlet Challenge in Disneyland.  And doing a half the day after a 10k really didn't feel too much harder than just doing a half, so that was good news :)

4.  Read more non-fiction (6 books):  Almost done.  By the half way point in the year I had read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall, Unfamiliar Fishes by Sarah Vowell (an interesting look at Hawaiian history), and Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly.  Since then, I read (actually listened to) A Giant of the Senate by Al Franken and I'm working on Dark Money by Jane Mayer.  I have Super Freakonomics on tap next but not sure I'll get to it by the end of the year. 

5.  Be more fiscally responsible:  Kind of?  This one is hard to quantify.  We had definitely been doing better at the beginning of the year but November and December were a bit off plan with vacation and the holidays, plus the January Disney trip coming up.  But I feel like there was some good progress here as well. 

So those were my goals for the year and I'm pretty happy with how they went!  I'm not sure yet what my goals for next year will be.  It's kind of hard to look past the marathon at the moment but hopefully I'll have a better idea after the race.Hope everyone else has had a good year too and a great year to look forward to in 2018 :)