Monday, December 18, 2017

WDW Marathon Training - Week 15

Final long run in the books and now it's time to taper!  Last week went ok for the most part but it's just always a busy time of year with all the holiday activities and buying presents and stuff.  I'm sure this week will be more of the same.  So here's how last week's training went.

Monday- rest day with recovery yoga

Tuesday - speed work at the gym.  It was 15 minutes warm up, 4x 5 minutes running, 2 minutes recovery, 10 minutes cool down.  I was still recovering from having a cold the previous week so this one was tough and I had to use my inhaler.  But I was happy that I at least gave it a try.

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - Had a holiday party at my bosses house and then got in some strength training at home.

Friday - It ended up cold and snowy so instead of the easy run outside, I did 50 minutes on the elliptical in my basement.  And then we saw the new Star Wars movie in the evening.  It was so good!

Saturday - Pilates video

Sunday - 20 miler!  This was tough and I'm still feeling some soreness in my quads and feet, it was slow and the end was painful, but it got done.

So that was my week.  I'm wearing my new momentum wrap at work today to remind myself that I just have to stay strong and persevere :)

You would think that doing the 20 miles would be a confidence boost but I'm a little worried about getting from 20 to 26.2.  Most first time marathon plans top out at 20 miles and I know a lot of people have finished marathons with the last long run being 20 miles.  I'll just have to have faith in my training and race day excitement to get me through to the end.  The fact that my training runs have mostly been hilly and the marathon course is mostly flat helps out too.  If anyone has words of wisdom for the taper or for how they got through those last 6.2 miles, I'd love to hear it!

Here's Coach Laura's plan for this upcoming week.

Monday - strength training
Tuesday - 60 minute progression run

Wednesday - Strength training
Thursday - 60 minute easy run
Friday - 16 mile long run
Saturday - rest day (traveling for the holidays)
Sunday - 45 minute easy run

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