Tuesday, December 26, 2017

WDW Marathon Training - week 16

A day late with my weekly recap since we’re still traveling.  We’re heading back home today so I thought I’d take a minute to check in!  

Monday - Pilates video on YouTube.  This was the day after my 20 miler so I didn’t want to do anything too strenuous.  Even the Pilates was tough, I didn’t realize how much I had used my abs during the long run.

Tuesday - Rest day - I skipped an easy run since I was still sore from the 20 miler.  I did get a massage, which really helped.

Wednesday - strength training

Thursday - 50 minutes easy on the elliptical.  Sadly forgot to take a photo.

Friday-  did my long run today since we were traveling on the weekend.  I cut it a bit short instead of doing  the full 12 miles since my knee hurt.

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - 4 mile progression run

That was it for this week.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas for those who celebrate!