Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hungry Harvest

A friend told me about a new produce box she'd been getting and let me know I could get $5 off the first delivery if I used a code she gave me.  (She got $5 off too).  She raved about the box so I was pretty excited to try it!

It's called Hungry Harvest and I really love their model.  From their website:  "Every year, 40% of food goes to waste in this country. 20 billion pounds of  that is produce that's lost on farms.  The injustice of wasting this much edible food when 20% in the US lack access to a nutritious diet is plenty reason to rescue this produce & mend a broken food system....Cutting food waste in half globally could reduce our ecological footprint by 16% & ensure a more sustainable future.  That's why we work every day to rescue this fresh & delicious produce whose only crime is being a little off-size, off-color, a little ugly or a little overproduced. Packing this into our weekly variety boxes & delivering it to your doorstep not only helps eliminate unnecessary & avoidable food waste, but it also supports efforts to eradicate hunger in this country. So far, with the help of our Harvest Heroes, we've rescued over 5 million pounds of food from going to waste & provided access to over 700,000 pounds of fruits & veggies to those who are food insecure."

I also love the variety of options they have!  There are three sizes for the boxes, mini, full and super and they range in price from $15 to $50.  We're just a household of 2 so we're going with the $15 box every 2 weeks.  And it's easy to cancel a week if you need to so no worries there.  Within each size, they have options for organic, all fruit, all veggie, or mixed.  We're going with the mixed options since we've got plenty of use for both fruits and veggies.

No extra packaging, just a jumble of produce

You're told what you're delivery day is, this was the only downside for me.  I wish there had been a way to choose our delivery day.  But we get our box delivered on Thursday and I get a text once it's been dropped off on our porch.  I also get an email the Tuesday before the delivery to let me know what's in the box for that week and asking if I want to customize or add in any extras.  You can also create a "never" list and none of your boxes will ever have that item.  For example, I've put avocados, iceberg lettuce and celery on my never list.  I love avocados but sadly Mike's allergic to them.

The fruit that was hiding under the veggies

This week, I'll be getting asparagus, spinach, heirloom tomatoes, purple eggplant, yellow corn, empire apples and lemon plums.  The other thing I love is that getting the produce is helping me be a bit more creative with meals too as I try to use up pantry ingredients in combination with the box produce.  The sweet and sour cauliflower I made a couple weeks ago was because I went hunting for a cauliflower recipe for the cauliflower that came in my hungry harvest box.
Orzo with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms

I also made an orzo recipe and a stir fry.  I've noticed that pastas and stir frys are great for using up veggies!  The plan for this week is probably a southwestern style frittata for the spinach, tomatoes and corn and a pasta for the eggplant and asparagus.

Stir fry of zucchini, peppers and baby bok choy over rice

If anyone is interested in giving Hungry Harvest a try, here's a link for $5 off your first order. It would also give me $5 off a box.  They're sadly not in all locations yet but you can put in your zip code to check if they're in your area.