Monday, February 26, 2018

Nat'l Women's Half Training - week 3

This week was more resting but I still got in some short runs.  And my foot was ok at the beginning of the week but the pain started to come back at the end of the week so I eased off a bit then.  But, I took a look at my work shoes and I think they may be the problem causing the foot pain!  The right shoe, which is the foot that's been hurt, is worn on the outside to the point that the shoes are a bit uneven.  I'm not a shoe person and pretty much wear the same shoes almost every day to work, loafers in the Winter and sandals in the Summer.  I checked my buying history and I bought these particular shoes in 2016 (and in 2014), so two seasons seems to be about the limit.  I guess that's about all I can expect from them and will have to buy new shoes to get through the rest of the Winter. 

In the mean time, here's my summary for the week.

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Rest day with a 20 minute walk during lunch

Wednesday - 3 easy miles after work


I tried really hard to make sure I kept these easy and paid attention to my heart rate, but it was so slow!  It was at least a beautiful evening and I was able to wear a skirt fur running in February.  I also saw some deer in the neighborhood.

Thursday - Speed work at the gym.  My foot began to hurt after this workout.  I thought it was the speed work that made it hurt again but now I'm wondering if maybe it was a couple days of wearing the work shoes.

Friday - Rest day

We went to the Wizards game in the evening for date night.  It was a lot of fun but sadly, they did not play well and they lost by a lot.

Saturday - Body pump followed by time on the elliptical

Sunday - Rest day. This was supposed to be a 8 mile long run but after a lot of dithering, I ended up deciding to rest again since my foot still hurt when I tilted it a certain way.  But there's no swelling and the pain is less than last week so definitely progress.  And still no knee pain so yay!

Most of Sunday was spent being pretty lazy for me.  There were multiple naps (I have no idea why I was so tired) and lots of cuddling with cats.  I also spent some time writing more get out the vote post cards.

I'm a little nervous about this coming weekend.  I have a 5k/10k double.  I did 6 miles a couple weeks ago and think it should be fine but we'll see how the week goes.  Worse come to worse, I can decide to just do the 10k.  The good news is that it's a relatively flat course so that should help.  Uphills have definitely been harder on the foot.

Here's the plan for this week from Coach Laura and we'll see how it goes with my foot.  I'm hoping it will keep getting better with changing work shoes.  And I may take it easy on Thursday's tempo run.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Body pump after work
Wednesday - 3 miles easy after work
Thursday - Tempo run (15 minutes easy, 20 minutes tempo, 15 minutes easy)
Friday - Body Pump lunchtime class
Saturday - 3 miles easy
Sunday - St. Patrick's Day 5k/10k double (total of 9.3 miles)

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