Monday, July 13, 2015

Wine and Dine Half Marathon training - week 1

Well, week 1 of training for the Wine and Dine half didn't necessarily go according to plan since I was still recovering from my sprained ankle.

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - I was hoping to start back with running today but my ankle still hurt so I went with strength training instead.

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - about 40 minutes on the elliptical plus recovery yoga from the runners world website

Friday - Jillian Michael's yoga

Saturday - rest day that included going tubing on the Shenandoah with a bunch of friends.  We had a great time but I might have indulged in too much alcohol.

Sunday - back to running but it ended up being a tough run and my slowest 5k in a long time.  It was hot and humid, it had been three weeks since my last run, and I was probably still feeling the effects from the day before.  Hopefully the runs will get better.

Oh yeah, there was also an encounter with geese barring the way

There was a nearby gym which was having a free outdoor barre class and I had planned to do that as well.  Sadly, the class was full but they gym was having a regular Pilates class at the same time and offered to let me do that for free instead.  I really enjoyed the class and felt like I got a great core, hip, and thigh workout. I also got a free 2 week pass to the gym, so I'm going to be checking it out this week :)

I hope everyone else had a great week!  My plan for this week is the track on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday, running and weights at the gym on Thursday, yoga and strength training on Friday, a twilight 8k race on Saturday evening and checking out a class at the gym on Sunday.  Anyone have big plans for this week?

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