Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekly Review

I'm definitely dragging today as we got home from Disney at 1 in the morning and we're right back at work today.  But here's my summary of last week to lighten my spirits a bit by looking back on the weekend :) I knew it was going to be an active weekend so the week was just 2 short runs with some yoga thrown in.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - Morning run before work


Wednesday - rest day since I went to see Mike in a sketch comedy performance after work


Thursday - Runners World Yoga Essentials

Friday - mid-day run since I was working from home


Saturday - Lots of walking.  I wanted to rest my feet today but that's hard to do in Disney.  I ended up walking a lot at the expo, at Disney Springs, and then walking back to our hotel room (which was much further then we thought).  It ended up being more than 15,000 steps according to my fitbit.  But I was in bed by 8:30pm for the super early wake up for the half marathon.


Sunday - Star Wars Dark Side half marathon!  Plus lots of walking afterward, which probably helped with my muscles.  I'll have a full review later.  In short, it was my slowest half marathon ever but I had a great time.


So that was my week!  It was a lot of fun but I'm looking forward to having a couple weeks at home before I have to travel again.

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