Sunday, May 28, 2017

Heart Rate training week 1

This week went well and I managed to get in most of my scheduled training, yay!  I also set up my new garmin.  I upgraded from the forerunner 220 to the forerunner 235 specifically because I wanted to start training by heart rate.  My birthday is coming up so it was a birthday gift from my parents :). I'll talk about heart rate training in more detail later but here's the summary for the week.

Monday - rest day.  This week was also employee appreciation week at work so they had lots of cool things for us all week, including free lunches, volunteer opportunities and visits with puppies!


Tuesday - 25 minutes in Zone 2 and 5 minute cool down.  As you can see, I didn't manage to stay in Zone 2 very much.


Wednesday - rest day with 1 mile walk with a friend after work

Thursday - interval training with a 5 minute warm up plus 4x 5 minutes Zone 4 and 2 minutes recovery.  It was storming so I did this run on the treadmill at the gym and it felt great!  I also was able to stay in zone 4 during the intervals for the most part.


Friday - Runner's World Yoga Essentials - my foot was feeling sore so I took a break from running and did yoga instead

Saturday - 40 minutes hill training plus five minute cool down 


Sunday - 20 minutes on the elliptical in Zone 2 plus body pump.


Our local town center was having a festival with food booths and local bands we wanted to check out.  We meant to go Saturday but it was raining.  So we went to a move Saturday and moved going to the festival to Sunday.  

The cabbage pierogi was probably the most interesting thing I tried, with the mac and cheese and mini bundt cakes being the most delicious :)

We got in around 30 minutes at the festival before it began to rain again!  We hung out for a little bit but then made a run for the car and spent the rest of the time indoors.  Hopefully the rain stays away tomorrow for long enough that we can get some grilling in!

Hope all of you have a great week coming up!  Here's my plan for the week.
Monday - local Memorial Day race 
Tuesday -  yoga 
Wednesday - strength training 
Thursday-  running intervals
Friday- strength training 
Saturday - Zooma Annapolis 10k
Sunday - short recovery run

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