Tuesday, January 2, 2018

WDW Marathon training - race week!

Yikes, it's already race week!  I'm pretty excited and nervous if you can't tell :)  I only had a little bit of running this past week.  Between lingering breathing issues from a cold, the frigid temperatures outside, and being so close to the race and paranoid about every little twinge, I've had a hard time motivating myself.  But here's a summary of the week.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - running on the treadmill at my brother-in-law's for an hour.

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - pilates

Friday - rest day

Saturday - yoga

Sunday - 40 minutes on the elliptical

Monday - 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym

So what else have I been doing?  Well, I finished making my shirt for the race.  I also made a shirt for Mike to wear while cheering us on, though I don't have a photo of that one yet.

I also went over to a friend's house to catch up and she did my manicure.

Poor Mike was sick over the new year's weekend.  And I'm trying to avoid getting sick!  So he slept in the guest bedroom all weekend.  And we just stayed in for NYE, watched tv, and cuddled with the cats :)

We did leave the house for a pajama brunch on New Year's Day.  I had plenty of beverages lined up to hydrate with :)  I'm being good and trying to remember to drink water regularly throughout the day all week.

This week is packing, yoga and foam rolling, and hopefully at least one more run before heading down to Disney World on Saturday.  I'm also trying to figure out exactly what to wear.  I'm taking a bunch of layers and throw away clothes.  It looks like it will be in the low 40s and there will be a long wait before we start running.  But the high will be in the mid-60s and I won't be finishing until around noon so I don't want to wear too much.  I'm thinking the t-shirt with arm sleeves and capris with calf sleeves should be enough for running.  I'm debating whether I should use a long sleeve shirt under the shirt instead of arm sleeves but I think that will be too warm later in the race.  I'll have a throw away hoodie, sweat pants, heat sheet and gloves.  Hopefully that will be enough.  Any recommendations on clothes or suggestions on what else I should be doing the week before my first marathon?

We'll be in Florida for a week and I probably won't post while I'm down there, but I'm sure I'll be sharing photos on Instagram if you want to follow me there!