Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekly Review

I hope everyone had a good couple weeks!  It's been a bit crazy here with Memorial Day and work being busy last week, plus a short weekend trip to NYC.  Hence completely forgetting to put up my weekly review last week.  But I'm back and here's how this week went.

Monday - Rest Day.

Tuesday - Elliptical

Wednesday - Body Pump

Thursday - Rest day.  I had an evening event I had to go to so doubled up the workouts on Friday.

Friday - Speed work in my neighborhood plus some strength training at home plus driving up to NYC in the afternoon.

Saturday - 3 mile run in Central Park plus a 2 mile walk with my dad.  The GPS was all crazy but I'm pretty sure the second one should be closer to 2 miles instead of 3.

Sunday - Rest day and driving back to DC.  Here are some photos of the NYC trip :)

Celebrating high school and middle school graduations!

We gave my parents tickets to Hamilton for their Christmas gifts last year

I love the Disney Store in Times Square

Fun at Madame Tusaud's

The view from our hotel room

So that was my week.  Here's the tentative plan for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Morning easy run
Wednesday - Body pump
Thursday - Speed work on the treadmill
Friday -  Body Pump
Saturday - Morning easy run
Sunday - 6 miles in the am

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