Sunday, June 10, 2018

Weekly Review

I had a great birthday weekend!  It seemed like a bit of a whirlwind week but overall it went really well and I got in all of my workouts :)

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Easy run in the morning

Wednesday - Lunchtime walk plus Body pump video at home (I forgot to take my gym bag to work)

View from my lunchtime walk

Thursday - Easy run after work.  It was so hot and buggy!

Friday - Barre video at home

We saw this guy when we were out in our neighborhood in the evening

Saturday - 2 mile easy run

We also went out to celebrate Pride (and my birthday!) in the evening.

Sunday - 3 mile run with a friend in the morning.


We also had another friend over for a brunch consisting of a frittata I made and yummy birthday doughnuts while watching the Sense8 finale on Netflix.  It was amazing and we had some good catching up time too.

So that was my week.  Here's the tentative plan for this week, which is a bit complicated.  I have a work conference at the beginning of the week but it's local so at least it doesn't involve traveling. And then we're heading off to San Francisco for vacation on Saturday!

Monday - Rest day plus work conference
Tuesday - Morning easy run before heading to my conference
Wednesday - Body pump
Thursday - Treadmill run after work
Friday -  Morning easy run plus strength training at home
Saturday - Rest day and flying to CA
Sunday - 4 miles in San Francisco

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Medical Update

Well, I've gotten some more input from my primary care doctor as well as from the physical therapist.  I saw both of them on the same day and I feel good about the appointments.

The physical therapist assistant indicated that the range of mobility is a lot better in my knee and my foot.  My hip is still a little tight and not as strong as it should be.  It also seems like the rotator muscles are not activating properly.  So in addition to the stretching exercises they had previously given me, I have some new hip strengthening exercises to add to the routine.

They even have a cool new app with videos of the exercises and a way to track when I do them

My primary care doctor did an EKG and indicated my heart seemed fine.  So we also got some blood tests done and my thyroid levels have changed.  The thyroid medicine I've been on for years now is all of a sudden too strong for some reason.  She indicated that would explain the higher heart rate and maybe even the fatigue.  I was confused about that comment because usually fatigue would be a sign that the dosage was too low.  But I think maybe the high dosage was making me restless and resulting in not sleeping well.

So I'm hopeful that the lower dosage of medicine will help with both my heart rate and sleeping better.  Unfortunately, the lower dosage will make it harder to lose weight.  I'm cutting out alcohol and added sugar for now and hopefully that will help on the weight front.

No more of this!  Well, I'm going to make an exception for 1 doughnut on my birthday.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekly Review

I hope everyone had a good couple weeks!  It's been a bit crazy here with Memorial Day and work being busy last week, plus a short weekend trip to NYC.  Hence completely forgetting to put up my weekly review last week.  But I'm back and here's how this week went.

Monday - Rest Day.

Tuesday - Elliptical

Wednesday - Body Pump

Thursday - Rest day.  I had an evening event I had to go to so doubled up the workouts on Friday.

Friday - Speed work in my neighborhood plus some strength training at home plus driving up to NYC in the afternoon.

Saturday - 3 mile run in Central Park plus a 2 mile walk with my dad.  The GPS was all crazy but I'm pretty sure the second one should be closer to 2 miles instead of 3.

Sunday - Rest day and driving back to DC.  Here are some photos of the NYC trip :)

Celebrating high school and middle school graduations!

We gave my parents tickets to Hamilton for their Christmas gifts last year

I love the Disney Store in Times Square

Fun at Madame Tusaud's

The view from our hotel room

So that was my week.  Here's the tentative plan for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Morning easy run
Wednesday - Body pump
Thursday - Speed work on the treadmill
Friday -  Body Pump
Saturday - Morning easy run
Sunday - 6 miles in the am

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