Monday, September 24, 2018

Baltimore Running Festival Training Week 6

It was not a good running week.  Not even specifically because of the runs but just weird things that kept happening during my runs.  But oh well, at least I got most of my runs in.  I cut my long run short so I'm going to switch things around and do it this upcoming weekend instead of the cut back I had on the schedule.  But here are the details.

Monday - Planned rest day with an extra training session in the evening.  I didn't get home until past 9pm.

Tuesday - Easy 4 miles after work.  It's split in 2 because somehow, one of my contacts slipped up under my eyelid.  I had to take a detour home, running with one eye closed, so I could get it out.  Once I got it out, I went back and finished the run.

Wednesday - 10 minute warm up on the elliptical plus a Body Pump express class.

Thursday - Morning run with 1 mile warm up, 1.5 miles at 10k pace, and 1 mile cool down.  I had to cut the cool down short as I was wearing some new socks and they were too big.  I ended up with cuts on the back of my ankle.  I also had a dog from across the street feel the need to run at me growling, but thankfully he backed off with some yelling.

Friday -  Rest day but lots of walking!  We had an employee appreciation picnic at work.  There was a band, and lots of free food.  I had a roasted vegetable wrap with a chickpea salad.  There were also chair massages, raffles, and puppies!

After that, Mike and I met up in the evening to have dinner and then we met up with some people to volunteer for voter registration.  We basically spent an hour walking around that evening.

Saturday - 6 mile easy run.  At least this run was pretty uneventful with minimal issues.  My headphones died during this run (and now they won't hold a charge at all) but they lasted through 5 miles so at least I didn't have that much left to run without music.

Sunday - 4 miles (instead of 9).  Sadly, it rained all day.  I couldn't face another 9 miler on the treadmill (I had done that 2 weeks ago) so I decided to switch my weekends around.  This upcoming weekend is supposed to be nice so I'll do my 9 miles this weekend.  I got to the gym and a body plump class was about to start.  So I did 60 minutes of body pump and then got on the treadmill and did 4 miles.  My legs were pretty tired!

Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - 3 easy miles after work
Tuesday - Body pump
Wednesday - Rest day and going out to a show for our anniversary in the evening
Thursday - Morning speed work (.5 mile warm up, 3 miles at hm pace, .5 mile cool down)
Friday - Strength training
Saturday - 6 miles
Sunday - 9 miles (6 of them at half marathon pace)

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