Monday, November 12, 2018

Race 13.1 Baltimore Training - Week 2

I hope everyone had a great week!  Mine was a bit of a mixed bag.  I'm happy with the work outs I got in but ended up missing a couple runs due to weird foot drama and just plain scheduling.  Here are the details.

Monday - Rest Day - I was also working as an election worker again so I had to go to my assigned polling place to help set it up so everything was ready to open on time Tuesday morning.

Tuesday - 2.8 miles easy - cut a little short because I got caught in the rain.  Then I went to my shift at the polls.  I had the closing shift which meant I stayed until the end and drove everything to the Board of Elections at the end of the night.  I was very impressed with how organized everything was and how smoothly our particular polling location ran.

Wednesday - Strength training at home.  I started out doing a body pump video but my stomach was not feeling well with the quick movements.  I stopped the video and just did some basic strength training on my own, squats, glute bridges, calf raises, clam shells, planks.

Thursday - 3.6 miles on the treadmill.  This was a 1 mile warm up, 2.5 miles tempo and then a minimal cool down.  My shoes have been weird lately (they're only a couple months old!) and I ended up with a cut on the back of my right foot from the rubbing.

Friday - Yoga With Adrienne - I kept meaning to go out for a run during the day but things just kept coming up and I didn't manage to get out there before the sun set.  So I ended up doing a yoga session in the evening.

Saturday - 5 miles on the treadmill.

This is when things kind of got weird with my right foot.  It's the same foot I had tendinitis in earlier in the year and I'm a bit paranoid about it.  Because of the rubbing with my shoes, I had gotten new shoes.  But for some reason, the new shoes were fine on my left foot but tight on my right foot.  I don't know if I just need to relace the shoe or maybe it was a little swollen from Thursday's treadmill run where my ankle had gotten cut up.  The result is that it was even more swollen when I woke up Sunday :(

Sunday - Unplanned rest day.  Since my foot was visibly swollen Sunday morning, I ended up deciding not to run.  The swelling had gone by the afternoon and I toyed with the idea of going out for an afternoon run, but I decided against it.  I did go buy some new running socks because I realized the socks I've been using are pretty old and that may have been contributing to the rubbing on the back of my ankle too.

But the weekend wasn't all bad.  We did go out with to celebrate a couple friend's birthdays Saturday evening.  It started out with a 50th birthday dinner celebration and then to another friend's house to watch Mad Max.

So that was last week.  Hopefully this week is better. Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Speed work (1 mile warm up, 3.5 miles tempo)
Wednesday - Body Pump
Thursday - 3 miles
Friday - 4 miles
Saturday - 5.5 miles + yoga
Sunday - 10 miles

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Monday, November 5, 2018

Race 13.1 Baltimore Training - Week 1

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I had a bit of time to rest over the weekend which was really nice.  And I got in all my scheduled work outs :)  Here are the details of the week.

Monday - Planned rest day

Tuesday - Body Pump (last minute notice that the track was closed so switched Tuesday and Wednesday)

Wednesday - 2.5 miles easy

Thursday - 50 minutes on the elliptical

Friday - Speed work (.5 mile warm up, 3 miles tempo pace, cool down) plus Yoga With Adrienne's Yoga for Runners

Plus we also went out in the evening to the Kennedy Center.  Regina Spektor was performing with the National Symphony Orchestra and it was amazing!

Saturday - 5 easy miles

Sunday - 8 miles with a friend.  The weather was cooler and this was a near perfect run.  We both felt like we felt really good the whole time.

So that was last week.  This week is back to training. Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Speed work
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - Body Pump
Friday - 3 miles
Saturday - 5 miles + yoga
Sunday - 9 miles

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Weekly review

Well, most of last week ended up being a rest week!  And I'm ok with that.  I was exhausted most of the week so I decided to listen to my body.  Given that it was the week right after my first race in months, I figured my body probably needed the extra rest before I get back to training.

But here are some photos of things that happened through the week.

Saw this young buck in a neighbor's yard

Got Perry into his Daredevil cape for Halloween.  It had gotten catnip on it so he had to rub it all over his face first.

Spent 2 hours at the dentist's office - Perry's trying to make my swollen face feel better :)

Tried out a new Ramen place by us, the vegan ramen was amazing, as was the caramelized cauliflower!

 And I did get back to working out on the weekend.

Saturday - 2 miles on the treadmill plus body pump

Sunday - I was totally sore from body pump.  I went out for an easy 6 miles in the morning, but was having some pain in my achilles at the beginning.  I thought I might have to cut the run short but it went away some time in mile 3 so I kept going.

So that was last week.  This week is back to training. Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Speed work
Wednesday - Body Pump
Thursday - .3 miles
Friday - 3 miles + yoga
Saturday - 5 miles
Sunday - 8 miles

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon - Race Review

Last Saturday, I ran the Baltimore Running Festival Half Marathon.  I loved how many options they had as far as distances, 5k, half marathon, full marathon, and a 4 person marathon relay.  There was also a challenge for doing the 5k and half.  But let's start back at the beginning!

Pre-race communication was really good.  I felt like I was provided a lot of information and it was all pretty clear.

The expo was at the Baltimore convention center.  It seemed like a mid size expo.  It was big enough that you could pick up things you needed (I had forgotten my chews and nuun) but it wasn't overwhelming.  There were only a couple people in line in front of us when we had to pick up our bibs and no one in front of us when we picked up our shirts.  I loved the shirt color!  I think we made it in and out of the expo in 20 minutes.  There was no race day packet pick up.

Then it was race day!  The half marathon actually didn't start until 9:45 so definitely later than most races.  We took advantage of that to have a leisurely morning getting ready for the race.  We were also staying at a hotel that was only 2 blocks from the start line so we left at 9am and walked over.  We were in time to see the lead marathoners go by and it was cool to cheer them on!  The corrals were marked pretty clearly but no one was policing them.  This race has a really generous time limit so we went and lined up in our spot in the second to last corral.

And they had free race photos!

Ok, the race itself.  I'm sure if you've heard anyone talk about this race, you've heard them talk about the hills.  That's the big thing that sticks out.  You can see the elevation chart below.

I train on hills, I thought I was prepared, and it still kicked my butt.  It was almost 600 feet of elevation gain and most of it was in the first 9 miles.  My plan was to try to take it easy enough in the first 9 miles so that I'd have gas left in the tank to pick it up in the last 4 miles when it was mostly downhill.  That didn't happen.

But other than the hills, it was a great race.  It was really well organized, great volunteers, good crown support.  The marathon course joined back up with the half marathon course around our mile 3 so while it never felt too congested to me, it never felt lonely either.  There were plenty of people around.  And the people of Baltimore really came out to support the race.  There were lots of people cheering, cute kids and dogs, funny signs, cool street art, and extra race support.  I had a mimosa, a beer and a donut hole along the course and there were even more things I didn't take advantage of.  The crowd support was a bit sparser from mile 8 to 12 and it seemed like a more industrial area of the city, so that made the race even harder at that point.

Crowd support out in their carneval gear!

I didn't really have a time goal for this race since I knew about the hills but it was still much slower than I expected.  My legs were just super fatigued at the end and I felt like I could barely lift my legs.  I ended up having to walk any bit of uphill after mile 10.

 The post-race experience was great!  It finished at the waterfront and it was a beautiful October afternoon.  There was music, food, and fun.  They had a merchandise tent, free beer for runners, and changing tents.  And an amazing medal!

So that's my race experience.  I really enjoyed it until around mile 8 or so but then I really faded after that.  And while I thought the race was great for the most part, the hills just made it tough and I'm not sure I would do this race again.

The struggle is visible on my face at the finish line!

Pros:  great start and finish line by the water, great pre-race communication, late morning start and generous time limit, lots of crowd support, well organized, cool medal!

Cons:  The hills are the only con I have for this race.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Baltimore Running Festival Training Week 10

What a whirlwind week!  It was race week and I was also in Seattle for business travel for most of the week.  But it ended up being a fun week overall as well so I certainly can't complain :)  Here are the details for last week.

Monday - 3 miles on the treadmill after work

Tuesday - 2 miles before work (I started my watch late but the route I took is 2 miles)

Also flew to Seattle and there were some beautiful views on the flight!

I also got to Seattle in time to take an evening walk to Pike's Place Market and see the sun set over the water.

Wednesday - Warm up on the elliptical plus weights at the hotel gym during an afternoon break

Thursday - 1.5 mile shake out run in Seattle


Views during the run

Also a scenic dinner at the Chihuly Gardens and Museum

Friday - Rest day and expo!

Saturday - Baltimore Running Festival half marathon - full recap later this week but it was a tough one with some killer hills.

Sunday - post race recovery included walking around the renaissance fair plus lots of stretching and foam rolling in the evening.

So that was last week.  This week is thankfully more standard with just one evening where I have a work dinner. Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - strength training
Tuesday - Rest day
Wednesday - 3 miles in the morning
Thursday - .5 warm up, 3 miles at half marathon pace, .5 mile cool down
Friday - strength training
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 6 miles

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Baltimore Running Festival Training Week 9

Last week was a super busy week!  We had a work conference for a couple days and that I also had a presentation I had to give toward the end of the week.  Plus some fun stuff with friends too :)  Thankfully I was able to get in 3 runs and two strength training sessions.  Here are the details.

Monday - Body pump video at home

Tuesday - Planned rest day - this was the start of our work conference so early meetings and dinner meetings made it a good day for a rest day.  I did get in a lot of walking as we were showing the attendees around some of the attractions downtown.

Wednesday - 3 easy miles after work

Thursday - Unplanned rest day.  I had meant to get in a run but I was exhausted after all the work stuff so I had a nap instead :)  Then I met up with an old friend I hadn't seen in a while for dinner at a vegan restaurant by her house.

Pumpkin pasta, filo roll stuffed with roasted veggies, and a peanut butter "cheesecake"

Friday - Jillian Michael's 30 day shred video at home

Saturday - 4 mile run, with 3 miles at half marathon pace.  We also saw a Star is Born in the evening.  I really enjoyed the movie.  I hadn't seen the original so I wasn't quite prepared for how sad it was though.  The soundtrack is great!

Sunday - 5 easy miles with a friend

Plus a childhood friend was visiting DC with her family so we met up with them for dinner at a sushi place (with lots of vegan options) in the city.  It was great being able to catch up and get to know her kids a bit.

So that was last week.  This week's going to be a bit crazy too as I have a work trip to Seattle.  Plus, it's race week!  Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - 3 easy miles on the treadmill after work
Tuesday - 2 easy miles in the morning and traveling to Seattle in the afternoon
Wednesday - rest day
Thursday - 1.25 miles plus strength training
Friday - flying to Baltimore plus the expo
Saturday - Baltimore Running Festival half marathon!
Sunday - Recovery walking around the Renaissance Fair

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Baltimore Running Festival Training Week 8

I hope everyone's doing well!  I had a pretty relaxing weekend, which is good because I've got a couple busy work weeks coming up with evening meetings and conferences and such.  But let's go over last week first.  I'm happy that I got in all my runs but only one strength training session instead of two sadly.  Here are the details.

Monday - Planned rest day

Tuesday - 4 mile easy run after work

Wednesday - 10 minute warm up on the elliptical plus body pump

Thursday - Speed work on the treadmill, .5 mile warm up, 3 miles at half marathon pace, and .5 mile cool down.  I accidentally stopped the treadmill at one point so don't have a photo of the whole time.  I had about a mile and 15 minutes that isn't showing on this photo.

Friday - Unplanned rest day

Saturday - 6 miles

Sunday - 10 miles for my long run.  This is the first time I'm back in double digits since the marathon in January!  I definitely struggled compared to last week's 9 miles but I noticed it was about 10 degrees warmer and had more uphill.

So that was my week.  Here's the plan for this week.

Monday - Strength training
Tuesday - Rest day (meetings all day and into the evening at work)
Wednesday - 3 easy miles
Thursday - Evening speed work (.5 mile warm up, 3 miles at hm pace, .5 mile cool down)
Friday - Body Pump
Saturday - 4 miles
Sunday - 5 miles

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